Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winston's Eyes

I have all these 4x6 inch panels that my husband cut for me to make paintings on, and decided that instead of making a painting of a tiny cat, I would just focus on their eyes. The tabby cat in the previous posting is still not finished because the frame I had painted for it turned out too small for that panel, so I did another one of my cat Winston.
I'd been chasing my cats around with my camera for two days, because it's just too darned hard to get a cat to pose for a sitting for very long. Even for photographs though, cats can be real jerks sometimes. Believe me, they know I'm trying to get a picture and they will keep turning their furry little backs to me. I did get some good shots to work from. My iPad makes it so easy too--no printing, and no film developing; I just prop my iPad on the table with his picture for my visual reference and paint away.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Than One Way to Paint a Cat

I'm working on a smaller cat now, in a different style again.

This one measures only 4x6 inches, but I'm focusing on my favorite part of a cat--that beautiful face. I've painted cats in different styles over the years. Below are examples of a watercolor and an oil painting of two of my former cats. I never finished the oil painting.
Midori and Rosie
I love folksy styles of painting as well. I tried my hand at painting cats in a more casual way from memory in these two:
I used to do lots of tiny cats too. The ones below are some that I created with my scroll saw and sold in a little craft booth that I called "Foret Noir". The scroll saw perished in a hurricane some years back, so I won't be making any more of those any time soon.

Yes. it's true. I am the Crazy Cat Lady. I do create other things, but cats are my favorite subject. I am currently being harassed by one of my cats while I try to post on my blog.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My New Creations

I felt like playing with my paints again, so I started doing what comes naturally to me--lots of cats and lots of color. I've always loved the simple folksy style of painting. Here are two that I have so far completed and framed.
 There are plenty more coming along. Below are a few that I am still working on.

I plan to post the creations that come from my art room on this blog. It's linked to my Etsy account where I am selling them.